3 D Printers

By: Doneisha and Tai

3 D Printer description

A 3 D printer is a printer that can make 3 D objects. The image is first made on the computer and then sent to the inkjet printer where it forms a 3 D image. More artist wants to turn their ideas into reality.

How can it help Humans

It can create images of fossils for forensic anthropologist, to help them get a better concept of how to reconstruct the image, if the bone was so happen to be broken. It can also help the children who are blind, to get the feel of what objects are.

How can it help Businesses

It can create or remodel the structures of buildings. It also helps the machinery be more advance. It can help the business bring in more money. Also it can help save money on paper and trees.

Safety concerns

  • It uses up tremendous energy
  • Its unhealthy for the air
  • It can be use for Drugs
  • High voltage and hot
  • Makes dangerous weapons such as a gun.
Amazing Items Made with 3D Printers

How long will it last

It can last a very long time because as far as 3D goes the printer can save lives. it can also can help you furnish your house. 3D printing can be very useful to the world.

How Much Is A Printer

The 3D printer ranges from about 300-5,000 dollars