Ancient China

By: Eric Pearson

A story of ancient Chinese rockets

In the 1500s, a Ming dynasty official named Wan Hu decided to use the nations rocket to be the first man in space. He attached 47 rockets to the chair he sat on. He also used 2 kites that would help guide him through space. His servants lit the fuses... And... A big explosion!!! Wan Hu was never seen again.

I thought this was a true story, but when I did some more research, I found out it was NOT true.

The Great wall

The great wall

The great wall is in china, it was made during the Chang dynasty. The emperor during the time was Tsu. The great wall was made in 221 B.C.. It took 17 centuries to build it. Its 13,170 miles long!!!!!!!


They were the rulers of china. When a new family was a emperor, it's called a dynasty.