Salma Hayek

By: Justin Humphries

Info on Salma Hayek

She has 1 child. Actively married to Francois-Heneri Pinault.

She was born on September 2, 1966. She began her career in Mexico.

More information on this Mexican-American Actress/Producer

Nationality: Mexican, American

Occupation: Actress, director, producer

Years active: 1988–present

At the age of 23, Salma landed the title role in the movie "Teresa" in 1989.

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Long Live Salma Hayek! Keep making movies.

Frequently asked questions

How many movies did she star in?

She has 5 films out, currently she is working on another one.

How old is Salma?

48 years old or should we say young :)

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Throughout her successful career she has never been this busy, or at least thats what she told reporters at a interview.