Rate & Unit Rate Menu

Wed Dec 9-Monday Dec 14(due on Dec 15)

Notes & Videos

Brainingcamp Video

Intro activities!

You will take a socrative pretest to determine what you already know about rate and unit rate!

Once you finish this pre-test you will be assigned to Group A or Group B.

For this menu you are allowed to work with any partners in this big group on assignments!

Mrs. Lewis will assign small groups and pull groups for main courses!

Main courses

We will have 3 main courses for Rate & Unit Rate

1. 6th grade tasks & rate (Wednesday, December 9th)

2. Amazing race task(whole group) Thursday, December 10th

3. Complete Unit rate task cards(partner)(Friday, December 11th)/6th grade tasks-We will do together!

4. Bubble Gum unit rate -Monday, December 14th

Wednesday main course(40 pt) 4 pt per task!

Please do at least 5 task cards on Wednesday!

Please finish these task cards with a partner on Friday!

Thursday main course

Friday Main course


Please finish Task cards from Wednesday and turn in bucket!

Mrs. Lewis will correct with you on Monday!

If you need help, please

1. Rematch the video and look at examples.

2. Ask a different set of partners

3. Ask Mrs. Lewis!

Group Tasks for Rate(G) Complete 4 task Cards(Thursday Side Dish Choices) 20 pt


Which is faster Animals or cars?

Or does it depend?

What are the ways rate is measured? Is one faster than another? How do you know?

1. First you brainstorm lists of all the ways rate is measured.

After we complete and discuss the Amazing Race Task as a group,

Your group will split off,

BREAKOUT- Please choose one of the following task card assignments to complete with your group!

1. You may do any 4 slides or parts on any of the task cards!

2. 5 pt per slide -Each student should choose at least one slide(animal or car to test)

3. Each student show all your work on a white board and use a qr code from vocaroo to explain.

4. You may also solve the problem in paintbrush and use quicktime player to explain your solution

5. You should come back together as a group These task cards may be shared with your small group to discuss your solutions!

Friday Side Dish Google Task Side dish( MUST DO)

Please choose one of the following tasks to complete for up to 30 pt.

Each part is worth 10 pt

4 pt ratio table or double number line strategy used.

2 pt set up and completion of each part

4pt Explanation & extension of thinking

Monday Food Task Choices(G/P) 20-25 points!

You should choose at least 1 assignment from this part!

You may complete these with partner or group)

Alinos Pizza Mini Project & Unit Rate(up to 25 pt) 5 pt per slide you may earn

Take the Pizza you created for Alinos(In tutor room)

You will create a google presentation involving unit rate and your pizza!

1. Create a google slides presentation

Slide 1-Take a photo of your pizza and give a chart with the part: part and part: whole ratios within your pizza

Slide 2:

Establish a rate per topping(charge $.50/topping, for example)

Imagine you are going to sell your pizza by the toppings so you have to purchase everything per slice.

Slide 3:

Create a slide showing a double number line for up to 8 sets of that topping.

Slide 4-show calculations for this task:

How much would it costs to sell your entire pizza with your price per topping

Slide 5- If you charged $3.00/slice, would it be cheaper to charge per topping or per slice.

Bonus_Could you buy this pizza at Alinos? Do you think there prices are cheaper? explain

Tuesday Final Side Dish Tasks(I/P) up to 25 pt

You should choose 1 task from this set of problems!

These tasks may be completed independently or with a partner only!

Please show all your work on a white board, piktochart, or google drive!

Directions for harmony

Please choose 3 parts for 30 points

Rate worksheet

For this choice, please complete 5 ? for 5 pt each

for a total of 25 pt

Bonus Game

up to 5 pt for up to 5 screen shots!

Menu Grading

Please submit a google slides or blendspace with all your pdfs or google links

1. Wed Main course(Task cards)-submit on paper 40 pt

2. Thursday side dish(Rate task) -20 pt

3. Friday side dish(Google task) up to 30 pt

4. Monday & Tuesday Side Dishes(up to 50 pt total)

These assignments will be added up to 130 pt Grade!

Note: Wed Main course task cards are to be by Friday so they can be handed back and corrected in class on Monday & Tuesday!