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Fall 2017 (August/September)

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Did you know that I give away a book each Monday!? This is inspired by some of my reading heroes - Donalyn Miller, John Schu, and Jennifer LeGarde. They each host book giveaways and I have always loved the idea, so now I am doing it too! Check out the Library Goddess Facebook page every Monday for your chance to win!

Read for the Record

I LOVE participating in this each year...if you are in a school or public library, easy programming for that the book, share the awesome website, then do some sort of extension activity...with this book, you could read aloud other books about ducks (maybe add some non-fiction to compare and contrast?) Or, just go all out "story time" and add some fingerplays, songs, and snacks. There are LOTS of duck related snack ideas out there! Just HAVE FUN! Read for the Record is on October 27!

Thinking Outside the Bin: Why labeling books by reading level disempowers young readers


"It’s essential...that librarians and educators step up as advocates for the freedom to read—even if that choice extends below or above a student’s reading level. “If a child wants to check out a book, let them….Students are telling us in droves they don’t like to read anymore because of these rules. So as school communities, we need to start listening to the students and let them read the books they want to read.”

When Adults Don't Read, Kids Lose

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I have met quite a few educators (and other adults) who do not make their own reading lives a priority...check out this blog post for some great, easy ways to fix that!

"...far too many educators don’t have reading lives of their own. In short, it takes a reader to grow a reader. That said, we get it: educators are busy. But that’s no excuse. The reality is, we prioritize what we value. We all make time for the things we know are important. But here’s the thing, y’all: this is important. It’s time for educators to make their own reading lives a priority so that they can, in turn, help students grow their own."

Columbia SC Moms Blog Posts

I am one of the contributors to the Columbia SC Moms Blog. Here are my posts from the past two months:

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About Valerie Byrd Fort - Library Goddess

I spent 15 years as a librarian in elementary schools before deciding to take a break and stay home with my daughter. When my daughter is sleeping, I read and review children’s books and blog about my reading (and sometimes about my girl). I also teach Children’s Literature at the University of South Carolina as an Adjunct Professor for the School of Library and Information Science. I am passionate about the importance of reading and libraries. I am married to Marty Fort. He owns the Columbia Arts Academy and the Lexington School of Music. I enjoy cooking, Barre3, yoga, and reading. My favorite things to read are funny memoirs and young adult novels. I LOVE picture books, especially those about dogs and families. I am available for special projects, book talks, consulting, and speaking to teachers and librarians about books, kids, and reading. I am also very good with technology and am willing to create a presentation to suit your needs.