[All About Mexico]

By: Esmeralda Crisostomo

43 students missing (social injusticeness) v.s cartels over government

The people in mexico are in social injusticeness by the lack of not have enough food resources.Especially was injusticeness during the happening of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa teachers training college. Many inoccent students dissapeared after the attack by the police because of protesting. People in mexico are protesting for the justice of there missing children(students) who vanished 10 weeks ago before the attack by the police.During this point, this event,many families have been fighting for the return of there children. Some families may say that the government of Mexico isn't doing much for the lives of there children although they don't even control much of the violence throughout there. Many believe that the government should do more to make a better Mexico because nowadays Mexico is a dangerous place with such many massive murders,homicides,and dissapperences.The people in mexico want mexico to be a strong nation by making the citizens live in a safe environment. Although mexico is a place where there is lots of violence and well pretty much the forces (police) can't really control it. Over ther years,there has been lots of murders that has doubled in these recent yearsto 21 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. The society has the right to be disatified in there goverenment. They just want a better mexico with less violence and want to feel like they are safe because nowadays its been rough especially filled with violence.i believe that mexico deserve more than just violence they deserve to feel safe and not afraid. Just company that can reduce the amount of murders ands such other cases and also I dont like the fact that the police attacked the students because of protesting for peace. The people in mexico don't trust the government they trust the gangs and the cartels. They want the help of the cartels and gangs to find out what had happened to there missing children. They want the truth about there missing children but it got to be true.


Mexico is a place where every day you see such big traffic.The traffic is caused by a large variety of the population of people who owns cars.The point is that much of the pollution is caused by cars especially not only cars, but factories,fossil fuels and the air can't escape because of the Pico of Orizaba mountains.Though there is a lot of pollution the government is working on programs that may reduce the amount of air pollution.They made a program named [IDR] it made bicycles to reduce the use of cars. After creating organizations to help reduce pollution people nowadays say that pretty much there hasn't been no change therefore because of the mountain. Yet.... they reduced the amount of use of factories. in my opinion, if they want less of the sick people then they should just work on reducing pollution and giving more attention to help there people in there country. The point is that not only pollution affects the air but also there health.

immigration reform

Obama is helping many undocumented immigrants from mexico to have the right to come and visit u.s border lines. They the government are going to make a plan that would give immigrants [undocumented] provisional statues to live and work in america.In my opinion, mexico and the united states should unite to make a stronger country and Mexico could have a better econoy then what they had before.The U.S government is afraid to give immigrants (lations) permission to live in the U.S because since mexico is a violent place they are scared that the bad people come here in the U.S make people lives dangerous.Obama is also finding a way in which he could stop deportation such as ICE

  • (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Pretty much Obama created Obamacare that helps immigrants get help they need in there health and he fought for stopping deportation and undocumented immigrants.