Holy Trinity CHS Weekly Bulletin

March 25th, 2019

The Mission and Vision of Holy Trinity Catholic High School


Holy Trinity Catholic High School seeks to form the Christian Leaders of Tomorrow; we strive to develop the intellect, educate the heart, and form the character of each student by giving witness to Gospel values.


Guided by the Holy Spirit in a Catholic environment Holy Trinity seeks to empower every student to graduate with superior academic knowledge, maturity, and confidence founded in Christian values for the achievement of life long success.

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At Holy Trinity Catholic High School we believe communication between the school and community is crucial to making our students successful. This Weekly Bulletin will detail any announcements and events that are taking place the upcoming week. Please look for this bulletin on Monday mornings to be sent to your email address on file.


Every donation to the Fr. Charles Davis Annual Fund helps us continue to make a Catholic Education possible for our students. Follow the link to donate: https://app.hellofund.com/view/jbw2bxwz…
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Week of March 25th-31st


Monday, March 25th

  • Monday class schedule
  • Uniform- regular dress
  • Prayer Service: Faculty Sharing
  • 9th period- Family meeting

Tuesday, March 26th

  • Tuesday class schedule
  • Uniform- regular uniform
  • Prayer Service: Praise and Worship
  • 9th period- Study Hall
  • Home softball game at 4:30 pm
  • Home baseball game at 4:30 pm

Wednesday, March 27th

  • Wednesday Mass class schedule
  • Uniform- Mass Dress
  • Mass at 9:35 in the chapel
  • 9th period- family prayer
  • SATesting for Juniors

Thursday, March 28th

  • Thursday class schedule
  • Uniform- regular dress
  • Prayer Service: DMC
  • 9th period- Study Hall
  • TAPPS Regional tennis tournament,

Friday, March 29th

  • Friday class schedule
  • Uniform- spirit wear
  • Prayer Service: Stations of the Cross
  • Soak-a-Senior Fundraiser during lunch

Saturday. March 30th

  • Track at Marble Falls Faith, All Day

Upcoming Events:

March 27th, SAT testing for juniors

April 1st-3rd, TAPPS State Academic, Waco

April 19-22, Easter break