Andrew Jackson

The Corrupt

The Spoils System

The spoils system is when a candidate gets elected/selected for a position.(Like President) The candidate then rewards his supporters,friends,and anyone who helped him gain the position.Some of the rewards given to his supporters were jobs and money.Some of the jobs included positions in his cabinet.The only problems to the spoils system was that someone was kicked out of their job and given to an inexperienced person.Another problem is that some felt that Jackson was biased.This made some people angry.
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The Trail Of Tears

The trail of tears is the trail the Cherokees took when they were forced out of their land and into Oklahoma.The Cherokees were forced to move out of their land because of the Indian Removal Act.The Supreme Court said the Cherokees were their own nation,so they could not be messed with,but Jackson didn't listen and forced them out anyway.
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The Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency,two tariffs were passed,the tariff of 1828 & the tariff of 1832.South Carolina didn't like the tariffs,so they said they could void/cancel the tariffs,this led to the nullification crisis.This made Jackson the force bill which gave Jackson the power to send the army into South Carolina to make them pay their tariff.
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Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

In this political cartoon Jackson is depicted as a king.HE is depicted as a king because during Jackson's presidency he would his power(veto)and wouldn't follow the constitution.
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Letter From A Cherokee

I always hated that man Andrew Jackson we wanted to live a peaceful life,but we were forced out by Jackson and his army.The Supreme Court was on our side,but I guess Jackson didn't care.We are now forced to rebuild and regain everything we lost.

Letter From A Fronteirsman

I love that man!We have so much land to populate and expand.There are so many opportunities that the Cherokee's land could provide for us frontiersman.He also got rid of the bank that Jackson is definitely the man of the people."Screw All The Rich!And The Bank!"