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Welcome Back

The Millersport fifth and sixth grade teachers would like to welcome all students back for another year of learning. We had a great school week before the festival. The kids came back excited and ready for the new year.

Then.......You can't beat a four day vacation right after the first week. The festival is such a great way for our school to earn money for all the school activities we enjoy so much. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to work a booth.

We hit the ground running, with a hard working four day week, after Labor Day.

This newsletter will serve as an overview of the curriculum your child will experience monthly with each of their teachers. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Tracey Tisdale- 5 and 6 Language Arts

Carrie Brown- 5 Math and 5/6 Science

Andrienne Winders- 5/6 Social Studies and 6 Lang. Arts

Laura Brown- 5 and 6 Math


There is always so much information given to parents at the start of the year, but please don't forget to check your child's progress by using Progress Book. If you need a new password or a refresher on how to set it up please let your child's homeroom teacher now and we will send a sheet home.



Fifth Grade Reading

The first week of school, we had some fun learning the varieties of English dialects (L5.3b).

Authors often use language (dialects) to make their writing more interesting. The kids tested on that last week and did a wonderful job.

We then moved to a study of the Common Core Practice Performance Based Assessments that our kids will be taking this winter. We learned the different functions the kids will use on the computer . They loved knowing that they can highlight the text for important details, with a choice of colors. It was also fun learning that students can drop and drag key events and details to their proper places in graphic organizers. We will definitely be working on our word processing skills. The new tests will require quite a bit of typing to show how much they know about narratives, persuasive and informative writing.

Coming up: Figurative Language 5.L4b

Greek and Latin affixes and roots 5.L5a Students can visit this link which will give practice in this area.

Writing/ Grammar

We have just begun working on verb tenses in Language. 5.L1b. Students will demonstrate a clear understanding of forming and using the perfect verb tenses.

A couple fun games to work on verb tenses: Find the link below

We will also continue to complete outlines that result in a written paragraph using the Paragraph of the Week.


Sixth Grade Reading

The first week of school the students learned about the author's argument. They spent time reading to discover the argument as well as the claims and evidence that supported the argument.

We then moved into a practice Performance Based Assessment, PBA for short, that the students will be taking in the winter. This is the online format that they students will need to be familiar with in order to take the assessment later. There are lots of technology pieces that we will be tackling over the net couple of days to make them feel more comfortable with the format.

Next we plan on diving in Figurative Language BAM! This will have the students identifying and creating metaphors, similes, personification, onomatopoeia, idioms and analogies. (6.L.5).

Finally we should wrap up the month discussing Theme (6.RL.2)

Sixth Grade Writing/Grammar

The students started the year with a narrative paragraph writing about a trip they took. This year we spend a lot of time developing strong thesis statements and lots of strong details to our writing. We will continue with the different forms of narrative writings this quarter.

As for Grammar we began with pronouns and all of the forms of pronouns.

Social Studies - Mrs. Winders

5th Grade Social Studies

The fifth graders have been busy learning and reviewing some geography concepts. We have spent the first week learning about the various kinds of maps and all the different information that can be found from reading and studying a map. We also spent some time studying latitude and longitude.

The student will continue this month with understanding how environmental, social and economic factors cause people, products and ideas to move from place to place.

We will also compare and contrast the American Indian tribes and how they are classified into their respected groups.

6th Grade Social Studies

Coming Soon to a classroom near you. The sixth graders will be starting out with geography and map studies.

Fifth Grade Math

We have started this school year with a study of place value (5.NBT). Students have been exposed to place value for several years, but the rigor and depth of the fifth grade curriculum has grown exponentially. Speaking of exponents, we recently completed our first Topic Quiz on Place Value and Powers of 10 (5.NBT.1, 5.NBT.2). We will continue with place value, working towards mastery of this concept. Future topics will include decimal fractions, place value patterns, and rounding decimal fractions (5.NBT.3, 5.NBT.4).

Please see the links below for further explanation of the new Common Core Standards. There are also links to relevant games and lessons.

Math - Common Core Parent Resources:

Math - Games and Lessons: (games only)

The mastering of Math Facts is a requirement of all Millersport Elementary School students. Though time will be given in class to practice multiplication facts, it is important that students are also studying their facts at home. Methods of study include computer games, practice timed tests, or even good 'ol fashion flash cards.

Science - Ms. Brown

Sixth Grade Science

Matter is all that matters for our first sixth grade science unit!

We began with a study of mass, volume, and density. We are now taking a close look at the three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) and their behavior as they transition from state to state. Later in this unit, we will define, study, and build atoms, molecules, and mixtures!

Here is a link to a fun game that helps solidify the state of matter categories:

Fifth Grade Science

Coming soon to a classroom near you! The fifth graders will be focusing on the flow of energy through an ecosystem. This will include a close study of food webs, habitat changes, and the role(s) that different organisms have within an environment.

Sixth Grade Math

Students are learning about Ratios and Unit Rates in our first math module. The Common Core State Standards covered are 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2 and 6.RP.3. What do these mean? By the end of this module students will:

  • understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.
  • understand the concept of a unit rate a/b associated with a ratio a:b with b not equal to 0, and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship.
  • Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world and mathematical problems.

The Sixth Graders are doing an awesome job with ratios. We will have our first Topic Test later this week!