The Book Theif

By: Markus Zusak- Presentation By: Scotlyn Haverkorn

Dialogue between Liesel and Rudy

" Hundred meters, he goaded her." I bet you can't beat me."

Liesel wasn't taking any of that. " I bet you I can."

" What do you bet, you little saumensch? Have you got any money?"

" Of course not. Do you?"

"No." Rudy had an idea, but lover boy was coming out in him.

" If I beat you, I get to kiss you."

" What do you want to kiss me for? I'm filthy."

" So am I."

" But if i win I get out of goalie for soccer."

"Fair enough." .

This is how Liesel and Rudy became such good friends, but in the end they tied and Rudy didn't get his kiss.This sets how they meet and how they became so close. Liesel and Rudy's parents started to notice and let them hang out more, as the time went on.

Figurative Language and how it helped

Their is a lot of imagery in my book, when anything happens that is important it describes it to the last detail possible. On page 520 you can find this saying,

Picture yourself walking down Himmel street in the dark. Your hair in getting wet and the air pressure is on the verge or drastic change.The first bomb hits Tommy Muller's apartment block. His face twitches innocently in his sleep and I kneel at his bed.