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My name is George and I felt compelled to write nice little TurnKey PR Boost review. As a former client of TurnKey PR Boost, I can personally tell you that they did a great job with my campaign on Kickstarter. I promised them that if my project got fully funded that id write them a review. Well, here I am! I owe a lot of my success to the kind folds at TurnKey PR Boost. So here’s my TurnKey PR Boost review about my experience and overall thoughts on their service…

TurnkeyPRboost.com is actually leading the pack when it comes to crowdfunding. You actually have to differentiate them from those PR websites claiming to be delivering backers to your project. TurnkeyPR Boost is indispensable if you want to raise up to 50k through crowdfunding on kickstarter.com website. This is because the media relation website adopts unique strategies to deliver the most effective results for you. You may visit turnkey pr boost for more details.

Turnkey PR Boost services ensure that its customers get widespread media coverage and that is why they reach out to various media gatekeepers with timely, interesting, newsworthy projects. They ensure that this goes viral through blog posts, broadcast, on air interviews and through articles. This way, the company does not only promote and brand your business, but ensures that it resonates with the media and audiences that need them most.

Turnkey PR Boost does not use a one-size fits all approach, which is common with other PR campaigns on the internet today. The company believes that any story idea generated should be tested on smaller media contacts where they are first analyzed and the response rate measured. They will scale up the story to ensure that it gets the best results. This way, you would be on top of the competition. Because of these unique methods, TurnKey PR Boost has a proven track record in the crowdfunding space. That’s the main reason why I used them for my project. Learn more with turnkeypr boost now.

Also, I realized early on that my project could not be successful if it did not go viral. TurnKey PR Boost clearly understands this also. They understand the symbolic viral relationship that exists between mass media and social media and they always exploit this to its fullest to deliver the best results. They would create stories, ideas, and even videos that would go viral in the social and mass media. I literally could not keep up with these guys! We started popping up everywhere within a week of signing up. TurnKey PR Boost evolves ideas, which they considered to be in sequence with what subject influencers, cool hunters and viral websites want. They ensure that the mass media outlets and media gatekeepers work together to promote your business all over the globe. Best of all, the funds start pouring in!

With TurnKey PR Boost Services, you can reach millions of dollars worth of likes, shares, and mentions. The company makes this possible through the influencer outreach strategy (which is the package I opted for). It does this by identifying the best influencers and getting them on board with your campaign. My best feature was on a youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers of my target market. Once I was featured I got one of many “floods” of new backers to my project. The company specializes in fashion, tech, design, music, and film projects. This was perfect for me. They were even able to target and get in front of the Hispanic based influencers, mommy bloggers, and even lifestyle bloggers for my project specifically. I was very pleased with their strategy and level of care in the prep work they did. You can achieve all these results as well, and at a very small fraction of the cost that many other traditional PR firms charge. Visit, crowdfunding PR to find out more.

I also really liked how TurnKey PR Boost believes in extensive surveys and market research. This helps to discover some interesting data. They really helped me narrow down my target market and how I should position my product. This part will make sure they have the best ideas and stories that would make your brand to become newsworthy, and media friendly.

The company is the best at crowdfunding PR because they assembled the most experienced professionals to handle your project. Over the years, TurnKey PR Boost team has developed a worldwide audience base and crowdfunding following. They have a great reputation among crowdfunders and the media. You can take advantage of that by having them utilize their connections to the mass media, social media, crowdfunders, as well as grassroots groups to achieve your succeed on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. TurnKey PR Boost reviews are phenomenal online and among the crowdfunders I emails personally. You have seen that TurnKeyPRboost.com is very crucial to your success, especially if you want to raise 50k by crowdfunding on Kickstarterlike I did. I hope this review help you avoid the junk and focus on the gold! Visit, turnkeyprboost to find out more.


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