This video talks about how woman and children with HIV/AIDS are getting metrical attention.
Treatment for HIV children still low in Sub Saharan Africa

Have you wondered what HIV/AIDS stands for ?




Some facts about HIVAids.

*As of 2011 at least 10% of 9 country's in Sub-Sahara Africa have been infected with HIV/AIDS.

*Sub-Sahara Africa alone has had an eat amazed of 70% of all people living with HIV and 70% of all AIDS deaths as of 2011.

*The number of AIDS-related deaths in Sub-Shara Africa in 2011 was 33% less than the number in 2005.

*HIV had the obvious effect of death and illness but it has all so had the less known effect of schools,households and governments not functioning correctly .

*HIV/AIDS have also added to food insecurity because people abound work to tend to house hold illnesses

*You think older people have it easy? No, some have to take care of there sick children and in wort cases

orphaned grandchildren who's parents have died from HIV/AIDS

*HIV/AIDS also have had a devastating effect in schools especially in ruler areas.For example Tanzania in 2006 had to replace 45,000 teacher who have died or left work do to HIV/AIDS.

We all now that HIV/AIDS are bad, but do you really know what it does to the body?

CD 4 T-cells that are in your body's immune system help you fight off infections, what HIV/AIDS does is destroy these cell making your body weak. Even a minor cold can be a struggle and lots of times cause death to people who are HIV/AIDS positivr.

I thought this little boy was cute and also the message is true.

Some ask if there has been any medical advancements in finding the cure to HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately there's still no cure ,but there is medication out there that have lengthen live of HIV/AIDS positive people.As a testimony to that, there was an estimated 22% fewer AIDS-related deaths in Sub-Sharan Africa between 2001 and 2012.