Shark Project

Alex Steele

Labeling the Shark Parts

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  1. First dorsal fin
  2. Second dorsal fin
  3. Caudal fin
  4. Pelvic fin
  5. Gill slits
  6. Snout
  7. Clasper
  8. Pectoral fin
  9. Lateral line


  • Gallbladder-holds bile
  • Heart-keep blood flowing through the body
  • Kidney-keep bodily fluids in balance
  • Liver-detoxifies food
  • Pancreas-helps break down food with enzymes
  • Small Intestine-majority of water absorption from food happens here
  • Large Intestine-final part of water absorption from food happens here
  • Stomach-break down and digest food
  • Esophagus-carry food from the mouth to the stomach
  • Rectum-waste until released by anal sphincter
  • Claspers-reproductive organs
  • Lateral Line-organs used to detect movement in the water
  • Gills-used to breathe


Full Classification

  • Kindogm: Animal
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Chondrichtyes
  • Order: Squaliformes
  • Family: Squalidae
  • Genus: Squalus acanthias
  • Species: Squalus acanthias

More Facts

Life Span:30-100 years

Habitat:found in water temperatures 0-15 degrees Celsius, can live in a variety of water salinity and can be located inshore and offshore