World War 1 Propaganda

Matthew Descoteaux 1

Descoteaux WW1 propaganda by Matthew Descoteaux 1

Patriotic Propaganda Poster

Absolutely amazing art am I,

With colors so bold, they'd make Van Gogh cry.

I show the people what they want to see,

I can make them rise, just like the Dead Sea.

The big baboonish brute fights in Europe,

Unless you start fighting, he won't give up.

My goal is to make you patriotic,

Germany must fall, that is my topic.

America's government is my dad,

But we don't want your loved ones to be sad.

My challenge to you is very simple,

Pop the beast, just like you would a pimple.


DESTROY THIS MAD BRUTE ENLIST U.S. ARMY by H.R. Hopps. Image made available for use in the public domain.

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