Job Research

Civil Engineer

You make a annual salary of $50,650 a year without taxes. And your net salary is $2,930.37 which is with taxes. If you want to be a civil engineer you design and supervise large construction projects like buildings, roads and dams. There are three areas of engineers Geo-technical Structural and Transportation engineers. The working conditions of a civil engineer is manly indoors, but if they have to they can work on the site, and it mainly is a full time job. If you want to be a civil engineer you have to have your bachelors degree (4 years of college). During those 4 years of college you will learn mathematics, statistics, engineering mechanics and systems, and fluid dynamics.


I live in 1403 Hollywood blvd. in Iowa City, IA. The total price of my house is $217,900. I share the house with 2 other people so the monthly payment for me is $300. And one cool feature is that it has a fire place.


My car is a 2013 Chevrolet Cruz LS. It cost $17,000, with a monthly payment of $476. Some cool features is it has a big cargo trunk and striped seats.