Spring Into Style!

Stella & Dot Style

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Are you ready for Spring?

I don't know about you, but I am ready to put this winter behind me! I love a good snowstorm as much as the next girl, but what Maryland has been dealt this year is a big excessive for my taste. :) Days of being stuck inside have me dreaming of flip flops, green grass and sunshine...aaaah!

What better way to transition into warmer weather than with a fun night of fashion with your friends? (Add some adult beverages into the mix and it gets even better!) Stella & Dot's Spring collection has the perfect pop of color that will help you spruce up your wardrobe for brighter days ahead!

What's in it for you? FREE bling of course!

My Hostesses have been earning an average of $200 in free accessories and can shop for more pieces at half off.

So what are you waiting for? My calendar is open through May. Email me to get your date penciled in and soon your jewelry box will be looking like this!

But wait - maybe you've looked at the line and have realized that even with hosting a show, $200 in freebies will barely put a dent in your wish list. Or maybe you're looking for some extra cash...or an excuse for a guiltless girls' night...or even a career change. Whatever your 'why' may be, our stylist opportunity may very well be just what you are looking for!

Stella & Dot has provided me with a fun and flexible part time job that allows me to make extra fun money!! Whether you're looking for something Part-Time, floex-time, full-time or anything in between, we have a profile that will fit perfectly into your life!

With no sales minimums or quotas and a low-risk investment, you have SO MUCH to gain and nothing to lose! Email me if you'd like to hear more!

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