Kiss the Girl

Because sometimes saving the world means getting a life.

A new contemporary romance from...

She's supposed to save the world...

Nixie Leighton-Brace is ready to quit the family business. It's not the work--she loves building hospitals, schools and orphanages for her family's humanitarian organization. But when her movie-star mother steals Nixie's boyfriend to generate publicity for their latest cause, Nixie snaps. She quits her job, walks away from her family, and boards a plane to the one place on earth she's never been. Home.

He just wants to save the neighborhood...

Dr. Erik Larsen likes to keep his private life private, a word he doubts crazy-famous Nixie Leighton-Brace even knows. Fundraising, though? She's got that one nailed, and Erik's free health clinic is barely keeping the lights on. So when Nixie walks in and asks for a job, he gives her one. But he'll be damned if he hands over her heart along with it.

He's about to learn...

Loving America's princess is no easy task. Neither is being America's princess, and both Nixie and Erik struggle to balance the scars of the past against the demands of their hearts. But with some courage, a little luck and a lot of love, they might just find their way home. Together.

...she's impossible to resist.

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Kiss the Girl

"Do yourself a huge favor--glom your copy of Susan Sey's Kiss The Girl. I LOVED this book.--and so will you."

- Susan Anderson, NY Times Bestselling Author of Playing Dirty

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