LV Technology

Noah Larsen

Typing Web

- Type in class to be able to be get a job like a teacher.

-We had a lot of classes to do.

-It was to help us to type easier.


- We had to make a iTrailer about our family and us.

- Why maybe if you might want to be a news camera man.

-And we did it to help for maybe acting skills.

Career Locker

- In Career Locker we looked up our future job and checked it out.

- Then we looked how much money you get and why to try to get that job.

- And we had to do a project for it.

Haiku Deck

- It goes with Career locker we had to look at salary and other stuff.

- Then and put in to a Haiku Deck to show the class

- We got our information at Career Locker it was so fun.

Explain Everything

- In Explain Everything we had to solve a math problem on it.

- And we had to record it to show the teacher to get a grade on it.

- Every one was scared to do it .

Hour Of Code

- It was a mapping game like to tell were to go.

- I was not there so i have one

Email Etiquette

- We had to send a Email to Mrs Myers .

- And why so we will learn how to do a good Email.

- Then on that why another why is so when we send a Email to someone it is in the right way.