photsynthesis is everything

it is everything to keep us alive

what is photosynthesis

photosynthesis is when the sun gives out light energy to plants. When the plants get the light, water, and carbon dioxide the plant will start making its food gluecose. when the plant eat and grow it will then realese air through its leafs. A cool thing is that we are basically breathing plants waste. the tranceformation goes frokm radiant energy to chemical energy. the formula is 6co2, 6h2o, c6h12o6, and 6o2. The product is the sun.

what would would happen without photosynthesis

In that case that would mean there is no sun. That is because the sun will always have light unless it was covered or destroyed. Chloroplasts is the part of a leaf that is a cell. It is thew thing that has photosythesis ocure. Plants get there energy from the sun. Plants are important to animals because that is what most animals get their food and when they get that energy we hunt them and eat through the food chain. Plants are at the bottom of the food chain as the second because plants get eaten by animals.