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St. Therese Weekly Newsletter - September 23, 2020

A change in season...

I love fall. Spring gets a lot of credit as the season of rebirth and renewal, but for me it's always been the change in the leaves, the crisp of the cooler air, and the start of a new school year.

The true name of this season is autumn, but the term "fall" comes from Old English words that mean "to fall from a height", as leaves do. This year has certainly felt like falling - one thing after another dropping into our laps to problem solve and manage, struggling to stand under the weight of COVID, distance learning, fires, and the daily challenges of everyday living.

This very moment, sitting at my desk, listening to the sounds of teaching drift through the walls, surrounded by people I know and love, I don't feel like I'm falling. Strangely, the start of this new season has been uplifting, and my heart is full.

I know the uncertainty is frustrating, and school doesn't look like it should, but it's looking pretty good from where I sit! I wish you all the same feelings of peace I'm experiencing now.

With prayers for God's blessings on our community in this new season,

Rosemarie El Youssef

Principal, St. Therese School

October 9th, NO SCHOOL - Statewide Inservice

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BottleDrop Thursdays!

If you would like to donate your cans and bottles to St. Therese, please bring your donations on Thursdays. Just leave them by the door and we will transfer them into the blue donation bags. If you'd like to take some donation bags with you, just call ahead to let us know and we will have some ready for you.

We are so grateful for your generosity! Look in next week's newsletter to see what we purchased with your generous donations.

Drive-thru TODAY from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Teachers have some materials they would like to distribute to students, and we have some t-shirts and prizes to share! If this time doesn't work for you, please contact the office so we can schedule a time that works better.

Follow the same pattern you did for our Welcome Week conferences - drive up to the front of the computer lab


Please check out the links below, or visit our website and click on the "COVID-19 Updates" tab at the top to read the latest news about school this fall.

Some details:

September 28th: Begin limited in-person instruction with small groups

We are permitted to bring students into their classrooms in groups of no more than 10, for no longer than 2 hours each day. This time will be used to build connections with teachers and peers, receive learning support, and participate in hands-on learning experiences. Please see the link below to the smore update sent out yesterday.


St. Therese School-Age Learning Program (daycare) - praying for a YES!

Our application was denied because the rules changed, and we are not allowed to have this program running while distance learning is in progress. I have been in contact with the Early Childhood division and we are working together towards a potential solution. Thank you for your continued patience!

New ODE Dashboard

ODE’s Ready Schools Safe Learners Page

COVID-19 Rates by County

Oregon Health Authority – epi curve

Reminder: Uniforms are optional during distance learning

It was so much fun to see all of our kiddos in uniform during conferences last week. Remember that it is your choice to have students in uniform during distance learning and during limited in-person learning as well. Thank you for your understanding!

School Office Hours - changes in procedure due to COVID-19 safety measures

The school office is open from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m each day. We love it when families drop by, but when the school-year begins we will need to be more careful about how we meet with you.

Effective Monday, August 31st please call ahead if:

* You need to meet with a staff member (Rosemarie, Penny, teachers, etc.)

* You need to pick something up, or drop something off (materials, payment, etc.)

If you are in the parking lot, please just call us from your cell phone, if you can and we will accommodate you if we can safely do so. We will do our very best to meet your needs and appreciate your cooperation as we work to keep our students and staff safe.

SCRIP Update

While we will NOT be selling Scrip as a fundraiser this year, we have some left over that we would LOVE to sell you:

Barnes & Noble $25 gift cards x 7

Regal Cinemas $10 gift cards x 25

Land's End $25 gift card x 1

Call the school or email elyoussefr@stthereseschool.org if you'd like to come by and purchase some!

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School Supplies

While we will never turn away donations of supplies, we pared down our supply lists to reflect what students will need during our comprehensive distance learning - the items needed for at-home learning are highlighted in yellow. School supplies are generally less expensive this time of year, but maybe stores will have a "back to school sale" when we are REALLY headed back to school later this fall!

Each grade has their own list and it is COMPLETE. You only have to download or print the list for your child's grade.