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May 29, 2020


  • Summer Office Hours: Tues. & Wed. 9:00 - 3:00
  • Library hours: 9:00-11:00 on Tues. June 9, 16, 23, 30 July 7, 14, 21 Aug 4
  • Class assignments will be on myDSD guardian accounts on Aug 7th @ 4:00
  • We will notify you when yearbooks are delivered
  • Everyone will begin school Tuesday, August 25th with social distancing practices in place. When we have more details, we will pass them on to you.
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I have memories of skipping out of school with my yearbook. My mind was filled with summer fun ahead. It’s definitely been a different conclusion to our school year. I look forward to seeing our students next school year. I have missed them!

The good news is summer is here! Here are some ideas to keep their brains learning while they are having fun:

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Roadworthy Car Games

For kids …on vacation, put those long rides to good use with activities that keep the kids busy and build reading and math skills.

For grades K–3:
Car bingo: Create a car bingo card with words, shapes, colors, and items that children will likely see during a trip (stop signs, billboards, railroad signs, etc.) to reinforce reading skills, math, and sight words.
The number game: Look out the window and call out when you see one, two, three, or four of something, and so on.
The alphabet game: One person chooses the right side of the road, and the other chooses the left. Call out objects that you see in alphabetical order (you can use a sign only for one letter). The first person to get to the letter "z" wins.

For grades 4–6:
Capital game: Take note of each license plate you see, not by state, but by state capital. The first to correctly identify 10 state capitals wins.
Cow game: One person takes the right side of the road, the other takes the left. Keep count of all the cows you see. You earn one point for each cow. When you see a cemetery out of your side of the car, you lose all your points.
Animals galore: Decide on a number of points for each animal that you see (cow = 1 point, horse = 1 point, pig = 2 points, etc.). As you drive, add up the points. Play until one person gets 10 points, or for a set time.
Math with license plates: Use the numbers on license plates to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and number patterns and see just how creative kids can get! (from

Set aside time each day to read. Track the books your child reads and reward him or her with a special activity or treat when he or she reaches certain milestones (for example, every 10th book). Do art projects based on favorite titles, such as drawing a favorite scene, or making paper bag puppets.

Summer Science Fun

Summer is the perfect time for children to explore their extracurricular interests, like science. Here are some activities that will have children hypothesizing all the way to late August.

Map the weather: Keep a running log of the weather. Include temperature, humidity, clouds, precipitation, wind, air pressure. Can you predict what the weather will be tomorrow?
Invent a recipe for a summer drink and share it with your friends. For example, the Citrus Sizzler: 1/2 cup Sprite, 1/2 cup pineapple juice, 1 spritz lime juice. Make cookies. Let your child follow the recipe.
Museum gallery: Collect pinecones, rocks, shells, or other natural objects to organize, categorize, and label. Present your own natural history museum.
Answer a question: How long does it take an ice cube to melt outside in the summer heat? In the refrigerator? In an air- conditioned room?
Float or sink: In a pool or the bathtub, hypothesize which items (soap, dry sock, bottle of shampoo, rock, etc.) will float or sink. Test your hypotheses. (from

Mindfulness—Have your students show you how it works and practice.
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Junior Achievement is here to support students and parents during this period of uncertainty. If you were unable to participate in the JA program this year, we have videos that you can watch during the summer. Click on these video links to learn about jobs, budgets, and contributing to your community!

K-5 JA Videos

6th Grade JA Videos

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