GHS Update

August 18, 2020

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Virtual Learners- Meeting update, Tonight

We had a great turn out last night for our Virtual Learners Meeting. The second meeting will take place this evening at 6:00 in the GHS Library, not the caferteria. We have a volleyball game tonight which would interupt the meeting. Big THANKS to all who showed up last night. If you come this evening, please bring the device you intend to use and wear your mask. If there are any questions, please call 665-5528.

Meet the teacher change of date!

Our Meet the Teacher Night has been changed from Thursday, August 20 to Wednesday, August 27 from 5:30- 7:00. We apologize for the inconvenience but the date bis not feasible with the football scrimmage on Thursday. Please come out to talk with your child's teachers. All safety protocols will be in place.

FIRST DAY! Tomorrow!

We open our doors for the 2020-21 school year on Wednesday. We will be taking temperatures of students once they arrive on campus. Bus riders are the exeption as they will get their temps taken before they board the bus. A couple of items:

Masks- Must be worn at all times in the building. Bandanas may NOT be worn.

In the morning- Seniors and Juniors will wait for the first bell in the competition gym then go up the back hallway to their 1st period class. Freshman and sophomores will wait in the cafeteria and go up the main hallway to their first class.

Bell schedule- We have added five minute passing periods to allow teachers the opportunuity to spray down their rooms in between classes. School start and end times have been adjusted to accomodate (Please see below.)

Water- Bring bottled water as the water fountains will be turned off.

Extracurricular activities- Virtual learners may only practice before and after school with their teams.

Questions- Please call us for any questions. Items we address in the GHS Update come from you! 665-4362

GHS Bell Schedule

GHS Bell Schedule

1st Period 8:10- 8:57

2nd Period 9:02- 9:49

3rd Period 9:54- 10:49

4th Period 10:54- 11:41

5th Period

A Lunch 11:41-12:11 12:16-1:21

B Lunch 12:16-12:46 11:46- 12:16 12:51-1:21

C Lunch 12:51-1:21 11:46- 12:51

6th Period 1:26- 2:14

7th Period 2:19- 3:07

8th Period 3:12- 4:00

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State Banner Arrives!!!

We announced that Marian Motomochi won the FFA state competition for Spanish Creed. She also was a speaker at the district's convocation. Great start to the 2020-21 school year! Pictured with her are her sponsors, Ms. Broom and Ms. Osterman.