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Welcome to the great site with facts on the Olympics! It has great facts on most things that you might have a question on.

Look at this video for great moments of the London Olympics

How Did the Olympics Start

How did the Olympics start? That is not a question that you can answer in one word but I think I have the gist of it in one word, Greeks. Yep, they started it all. They started by having a war with the...... ROMANS. Dun, dun, dun, duuuun. Then they found another way. They would have..... wait for it......wait for it...... THE OLYMPIC GAMES!!!!! Then for a long time it was just Greece and Rome, but then it expanded to the rest of the countries to keep the peace and to have some friendly competition. That is how the Olympics started.
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Which is more popular, the summer Olympics or the winter Olympics?

Who won?

I went and did a survey on my class and I found out that the summer Olympics is the most popular of the Olympics. I hypothesize that it is more popular because it is has a great variety of different things and people have more time to watch it because they are on summer vacation. It is fun to see everyone have some friendly and sweet competition every once and a while.

How has the Olympics changed over time?

Well, I think it has changed a lot since 776 BC. Here's a timeline. First we had games where the referees had to pay close attention because they didn't have replay. Then we invented technology and started to use so they could be better at determining close calls. Then we it is now, we are now so technologically advanced, we are almost perfect on determinations of who won. Soon we won't even have to do the work because the computer will do it all. You see, in my opinion, we are losing all the fun in the Olympics because we are getting so technologically advanced. I think that the main reason that the Olympics is so different is because of the technological advance we have had.
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How is Sochi doing on getting ready for the 2014 Olympic Games?

I honestly can say that they are doing very good they have had a lot of test runs on the courses and are successfully getting 41,000 hotels ready for the big games. Oh and I have a video below that shows the progress in action.