Act 4, Scene 1

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Important Characters


Friar Lawrence enters his cell with Paris. Friar is confused because Paris is talking about how Lord Capulet is making him marry Juliet on Thursday, but Friar married Juliet to Romeo the day before. Friar comments on how he doesn't like the marriage, because nobody knows what Juliet thinks, when she comes into the cell, ostensibly to confess her sins after her fight with Lord Capulet. Paris is overjoyed to see her, but she is less than pleased. Paris flirts with her, and she flirts back just to get him out. When Paris leaves, Juliet bursts into tears and cries that if the next words out of Friar's mouth aren't a solution to her problem, then she'll kill herself. Friar says that he has a plan if Juliet would truly rather die than marry any man beside Romeo. Juliet says that she would do anything to be reunited with Romeo, and so Friar describes his plan. Juliet will go home, agree to marry Paris, and pretend to be happy. She will then make sure that she is alone Wednesday night and drink a potion before going to bed. The potion will stop her pulse, make her pale and cold, and make her sleep for forty-two hours. Her family will then find her "dead", and she will be taken to the Capulet family tomb. Romeo and Friar Lawrence will be there when she awakens Friday night, Romeo will take her to Mantua, and they will live happily ever after. Romeo will be notified of the plan by a letter Friar Lawrence will send with another friar. This plan will all work out perfectly as long as Juliet doesn't change her mind or lose her courage. Juliet takes the vial of potion, Friar wishes her well, and they part ways to fulfill the plan.

Scene Action

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Scene Song

"Thinking of You" by Katy Perry

I chose the song "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry because the lovelorn tone and lyrics of the song match Juliet's feelings in this scene very well. Specifically the chorus is spot-on in expressing Juliet's feelings, saying, "'Cause when I'm with him/I am thinking of you/Thinking of you/What would you do if/You were the one/Who was spending the night/ Oh I wish that I/ Was looking into your eyes" In this scene, Juliet's biggest wish is to leave Paris ('Cause when I'm with him/ I am thinking of you) and go be with Romeo as a wife should (What would you do if/ You were the one/ Who was spending the night/ Oh I wish that I/ Was looking into your eyes). In addition, the lyrics, "Oh won't you walk through/And bust in the door/And take me away" express what Juliet wishes beyond hope what Romeo would do: bust in and take her away so they can live happily ever after.

Katy Perry - Thinking of You (Lyrics)

By: Olivia Mathot

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