Number The Stars

By Lois Lowry

In the story of Number the Stars the setting dates back to the late 1930’s to the early 1940’s in Copenhagen, Denmark. Annemarie’s family the Johansen’s live in an apartment in Copenhagen across from the hall to their family friends the Rosen’s. One thing about the Rosen’s though they are a Jewish family in a Nazi infested country. Annemarie the oldest daughter after her late sister Lise Johansen is friends with the Rosen’s only daughter Ellen. Kirsti is the youngest daughter in the Johansen family who also is friends with Ellen but isn’t as close to her as Annemarie. One fateful day in the middle of Autumn; the Johansen daughters went to school as they watched the Rosen’s to the Synagogue for their day of praying. Once the Johansen daughters were home they got some important and sudden news. The Nazi’s had taken a list of all the Jewish family names and where they lived and planned to “relocate” them.

One thing though was that Ellen’s parents weren’t home; they were taken somewhere hopefully safe by the Johansen’s family friend Peter Neilsen. The Johansen’s know Peter because he was supposed to get married to Lise before she was killed in a car accident. Ellen was left to stay with the Johansen’s for as how long as her parents were gone but nobody knew that. Both families and Peter expected the Nazi’s to come to the apartments that night but they didn’t know when. Ellen was almost found out because in Annemarie’s bedroom she remembered that she was wearing her Star of David necklace. But at the last second Annemarie ripped it of Ellen’s neck.After that incident the Annemarie, Kirsti, Ellen, and Annemarie’s mom decided to go visit their uncle Henrik for a while. Uncle Henrik was a fisherman and that’s what he did for a living. Once they arrived to uncle Henrik’s house Ellen was overjoyed because she was reunited with her parents and Peter was there too.

Something else was going on at uncle Henrik’s house; they had “learned” some bad news. Aunt Birte had died recently and her funeral would be held in uncle Henrik’s house. But something fishy was going on; Annemarie remembered… she didn’t have an aunt Birte. What was everyone doing with this “aunt Birte”. After the funeral Peter had given a crucial packet to Mr. Rosen, Ellen’s father that had to be taken to uncle Henrik. What is inside this mysterious packet.

Three Actual Holocaust Facts

People Who Would Enjoy This Book

I think that anyone who likes a fiction book with a little suspense would enjoy this book. This book isn’t a hard read and I believe that 95/100 people would like this book if they took the time to read and absorb the story of the book.

Five Out of Five Stars