How to Judge Upholstered Furniture

Laken Barnett

Testing the Springs

To test the springs, bounce up and down on the furniture. Non-natural noise may mean the manufacturer has skimped on the springs or they were not installed properly.
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Testing the Frame

To test the frame grab the arms of the furniture and shake them. The arms should not move or make squeaking noises.
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Testing the Padding

Squeeze the edges of the arms and the corners of the frame to check the thickness. If you can feel the edges or corners of the frame, expect the upholstery to start wearing earlier than a chair that has the appropriate padding.
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Testing the Cushions

Check for any sharp edges of foam through the upholstery fabric. If the cushion edges feel hard when you sit down or if the fabric seems to pucker at the corners, the manufacturer probably omitted the polyester wrap around the foam to cut costs.
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