Course Update - Mr. Ricchezza

March 4, 2014 - Physical Science, Geology, and Earth Systems

Time to Check Grades!

Parents, it's time to go online and check your child's grades again! The last items before the final have been submitted, graded, and entered. As the 12 week group now has had a due date too, all students should have something there.

Login and check out those grades!

News and Notes

Parents, I have to say I'm pretty impressed overall. With nearly 100 students I certainly can't say everyone is doing well, but most students are trying pretty hard and seeing some return on that investment. Not many are coming to office hours (ok, no one is coming), but I gather that many people have a conflict with other activities on Wednesdays.

Here are some items for consideration:
  • Students who are struggling knowing what to do should contact me by school email or phone. Confusion doesn't fix itself. This includes confusion on the class setup, confusion on the material, or confusion on what the assignments are asking for. I'm here to help on all of them but need to know a student is confused and trying.
  • Getting items turned in on time is the best way to do well.
  • Students may work ahead if they like, but should avoid just taking quizzes in a hope of being done earlier. This rarely results in good scores.
  • If students need help from a more traditional teaching setting, but cannot attend office hours, contact me to make other arrangements.
  • We have changed our teacher login and management system. The new system is vastly better... but we're still working out the kinks in it, and we are still learning how to use it properly. Your patience is appreciated.
  • Hopefully we can stop having weather delays - I hope everyone has stayed safe and warm through these unpleasant days.