Solar Panel Installer

By: Masen B.


To be a solar panel installer you have to complete high school with a deploma and you have to either take some online classes or you have to go to community collages.

Salery Pay!

you get paid about $48,250 a year and it depends what type of installing your doing because the bigger the panel the more pay.

Job Description!

When you are a solar panel installer you install solar panelson roofs and building to preserve energy and you can save onmoney when you use solar panels.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job!

Using solar panels can preserve energy and they are good for the envirment to use themon your homes. You can save money when you use solar panels.


You can use less energy and you get less of a bill because thesolar panel is connected to power sourseslocated elsewhere.


You can not use them without heat from the sun so therewill be no heat or cooling during the winter.

Interesting facts!

There is verylittle time you use it in the winter. There is only one wire connecting the solar panel to the power source.