Falling Downward

By: Randi Hall


This emotional satire tells an unusual account of the two different kinds of lovers. Roles are reversed in this romantic comedy as a beautiful man endures a horrendous love with a heartless woman. Will this love keep them on their self-destructing paths, or will the downward spiral leave them changed forever?
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Jordan: The main female. She has short brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She's neither short nor tall, she's got an athletic build and is very attractive, and she is well aware of that fact. She is strong, shows little emotion and feels no remorse for anything she does to the guys she plays. She has no sympathy nor compassion for anyone or anything. The only thought that goes through her conceited mind is which innocent guy will be her next victim.

Taylor: The main male. He's got auburn hair and blue-green eyes. He's of medium heighth and build. He has low self esteem, and doesn't really believe in himself or that he deserves better than what people in the past have done to him. He is a softy, and truly believes in the good in people despite all that's happened to him. He is the kind of guy that will stand up for someone who doesn't deserve his time. He's a romantic and spends his life trying to find the love all of the other little boys dream about.

What becomes of the tables turning?