by Taylor

Vietnam's flag

The flag was made on November 30,1955. The red base stands for blood spilt during their fight for independance. The star stands for the union of the workers, peasants, soliders, and other people. The flag of vietnam consists of a red base with a yellow five pointed star. The basic design of the Vietnamese flag orginates from the 1940's and was used by liberation forces fighting for indenpendence aginst Japan.


The capital of my country is Hanoi. The bordering countries are China, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. The size of Vietnam is 329,556 sqare miles. The climate is tropical, monsoonal, and dry. There are a few moutains, the moutains of Annam Cordillera. The bodies of water are huge- 3,870 sqare miles. The coastlines are 3,870 sqare miles. The tallest moutain in Vietnam is mount Alvernia- 63 meters tall.


Vietnams exports fans, coal, bamboo, sun hats, and rice. The currency is dong. The agriculture is corn, rice, wheat and bamboo. The industry is houses, temples, and towers. Their imports are cars, phones, and medicines. The size of the economy is 153.5 billion. Their trading partners are hong kong, japan, and singapore