By: TJ Hock


Weaselton’s location is an interesting place. On the planet my country is inland of the continent. its close to the Equator and a little further from the Prime Meridian. My country is 850ft. long and 500ft. wide. My country is in the Southwest hemisphere, bordering New Beckham, Beisbola, and CH.

Physical Features

There are many physical features on Weaselton. A couple of features are, a forest on the south part of the country. There is a pond surrounded by sand in the Northeast of the country, and there is a mountain in the north west part of the country. The pond was formed by WR, in New Beckham. the mountain was there when the man discovered it so its still unknown. To finish, these features are big parts of the country.

Physical Feature Pics

Whoo, Who!


Weaselton’s climate is fits in well with its location. The climate is temperate continental. Its in the middle of the Southwest hemisphere so the Northern part is a little warmer than the Southern part. My country is in the perfect temperature to make food but the only food we grow is apples, pears, bananas, and mango. All in all, the climate works perfect with its location.

National Resources

The national resources on Weaselton help make the community in the three cities. The first national resource is a geothermal. Geo-thermals are a source of energy, they go way to down to the earth and produce energy to make light, electrical devices and many more. The next resource is, mines. We have mines filled with Iron, Copper, Silver, and Diamond. This helps us make weapons for hunting and the military, and the make helping home stuff. Another resource is sand. We have sand to make glass, the screens for devices and computers, and for light bulbs. To rap it up, the national resources of Weaselton are really helpful.

Human/Environmental Interactions

There are many Human/Environment interactions in Weaselton. The location of country kind of is the same as climate but any ways, it affects the people by the temperature. Its a nice temp. not too cold not too warm but during the seasons, its all over the place. in the winter, people have to wear warm clothes and in the summer, they wear colder clothes like sleeveless shirts and shorts. The landforms also affect the people


he culture in Weaselton is an interesting type, none like any other. The food we eat are Deerduck, Moosaphent, and fruit. The Deerduck is a crossover of a deer and a duck, body and head of a duck, with deer legs and antlers, it can also fly. The Moosaphent is a giant moose with a trunk of a elephant. And then theres fruit, apples, pears, bananas, and mangos. The sport we play are Soccer and Thunderball Toss. Soccer is a well known sport but Thunderball is like lacrosse but with a more hollow ball so it travel farther and its called thunderball because there is only bright yellow balls and it was back when the country was first discovered, a ball of thunder crashed right where the pond is, so the water was filled up from WE river. The clothes we wear are off the style charts. We wear moosaphant fur and some other clothes from other countries.


In 1976, there was an explorer from New Beckham that was looking for new land that wasn't discovered. He had a pet weasel with him. The weasel lead the man to the new land that was full of different types of weasels. The man (Plum Charten), called and owned the land for others to live. After about a year, there was a huge earthquake scaring all the weasels away, even the Plums. So after that, in honor of his pet weasel that he had since he was 5, he named the country Weaselton. The history of the country ties in for why the government is. When the “man with the weasel” found the country, we brought the rest of his family, his Extended Family, to the new location. They needed a leader so they picked his father for being the wisest and oldest. Then they just went down through generations and if the man down doesn't want it then a new generation is elected by vote. Right now we have 3000 people living in it as of right now


The government in Weaselton is a mixed government. The type of government we have is a mix of an Anarchy and a Monarchy. Its like that because, There's an elder that makes the decisions on the people jobs on their skills and education, and he splits the food in a big feast with the whole country with the fruit they picked and the animals they hunt, other than that, the people have freedom. He also has mayors in each town to help him watch and protect the country. The role of the citizens in the country are, To gather food and store it, work at their jobs that are chosen, create useful tools and technology, and to help each other and the society. The values in my country are pigeons. Just like our country (United States), we have a bird representative to our country and that's a pigeon, but its a rare species. To conclude, the government is a unique mix.


In Weaselton, the economy uses silver coins as money for needs and other things. On one side is a pigeon head, and the other is a weasel. The industries in Weaselton are, engineering (car shops, phone companies, ect.), clothes shop, mining compound, and The Wood Masters. The engineering uses the geothermal for electricity, the metal from the mines, and the sand to make glass. The clothes shop use the wildlife with the fur and skin to make/sell clothes. The mining uses/collects all the minerals down under Weaselton. Finally the Wood Masters is basically a house building company that use the wood in the woods and the sand to make glass. My country is developed nation because we have advanced technology and we are pretty settled in the land. The geography effects the economy from all the national resources each of them use for needs and other things.

The jobs we have are, engineering, farming, mining, hunting, fishing (when it's that season), cashiers for the shops, and piloting (airport). The only interaction we have with other country's is with New Beckham with trading and with CF. New Beckham trades crabs for apples and CF trades through air delivery.


My flag represents the freedom, justice and courage of my country. The pigeon in the middle is a sigh of freedom and that we have the right to free. The yellow stands for justice and peace through out the contenant. Finally the red stands for courage. We have the courage and dignity to stand for our country and we will fight for it.
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