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A Family Newsletter: Week of March 5th

Community Committee Members

We are creating a "Baxter Communities" team with staff, students and community members to help us create ways to better "tell our amazing story!" This team will meet monthly and will help to plan fun events to help get our parents and community involved with our great school! Examples of things would be finding business owners/professionals to come meet our students and share with them their experiences, community events to bring experiences to our students, etc.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please let me know! I think it will be a lot of fun and provide a lot for our kids!!

Pre-K Reading Success as they celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday!!

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Golden Nuggets from the Counselor

Nobody Likes Me! Nobody Likes Me!

Whether it’s one friend or twenty, friendships are essential for healthy development. While you cannot choose your child’s friends, you can help your child by:

☺ Providing lots of opportunities to socialize with other children.

☺ Being alert to any differences or inappropriate social skills that might cause difficulties.

☺ Teaching/coaching how to get along with other children.

☺ Involving your child in activities where he or she can feel accepted.

☺ Encouraging volunteerism.

☺ Asking teachers and other adults for assistance.

☺ Finding a social skills group with school or community counselors.

☺ Making your home open to other children; be a “taxi driver.”

☺ Being a good role model of social skills.

☺ Getting professional help if problems persist.

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Gifted and Talented Referrals for Spring 2018

Midlothian ISD provides a program for students in K-12 who have been identified as exceptionally able. The Gifted and Talented Program at all levels is designed to provide opportunities to meet unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and talented students. Referrals for the Gifted and Talented Program may be made by parents, teachers, students, counselors, or community members. Students may be referred each year, but prior testing data may be considered valid for 2 years.

Referral Windows for Spring 2018 Grades K-5

All other elementary referrals, grades 1-5, will be accepted from March 19, 2018 through March 30, 2018, with testing being conducted in April and May. Parents of 1st-5th grade students identified as Gifted and Talented will be notified in writing by May 31, 2018 in the final report card.

Parents may request a referral packet by contacting your child’s teacher or school counselor. If you have questions regarding referral or testing for the GT program, please contact your child’s counselor.

A Note from Nurse Martin

Spring is just around the corner!

The weather is warming up

A lot of you may be traveling

Soccer, baseball and other sports are beginning.

Here are a few helpful reminders to help keep our children safe.

Car Seat Safety

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles recommends children ages 4 and up and 40 pounds ride in a booster until the adult safety strap fits properly.

It is recommended that all children ages 12 and under ride properly restrained in the backseat.

The American Academy of Pediatrics conducted research on trauma rooms across the United States and found that children age 13 and younger who rode in the front seat suffered more Traumatic and fatal injuries, compared to the same age group who were properly restrained in the backseat.

Helmet safety

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

“No matter what your age or level of experience, whenever you ride a bike, in-line skate, ski, or engage in other activities during which your head is vulnerable to injury, a helmet should be worn.

Wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of serious head and brain injury by 85%. Helmets should be worn during every ride, no matter how short. Many accidents happen near home.”

Water Safety

It is important to maintain constant supervision while children are swimming and to avoid distractions at all time.

Always have young or inexperienced swimmers wear life jackets around water.

Please visit the following website for additional water safety tips

Baxter's Hub- Nancy Robertson, Library Media Specialist

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MISD Board of Trustees Stands United

MISD Board of Trustees Call for Action to Austin: Support our Public Schools

During the Feb. 19, 2018 Board of Trustees regularly scheduled business meeting, the Board unanimously passed its 2018-19 legislative priorities addressing areas of concern and seeking legislative action. Additionally, the Board adopted a resolution asking Austin legislators to stand up for public schools, public school teachers and public school students, as well as ask the MISD community and communities across Texas to hold legislators accountable in addressing funding, accountability, teacher insurance and retirement.

“Our Board of Trustees recently met to discuss the needs of MISD and Texas public schools. We decided to take a stand to clearly communicate to Austin legislators our expectations,” Todd Hemphill, Board President, said. "We also want our community to know we stand united to ensure our public schools are fully funded and that we value local control.”

The legislative priorities include:

Texas Public School Funding
Advocate to restructure school finance to provide equity and adequacy in funding to ensure the education of the whole child. Develop a sustainable system providing the necessary resources where all Texas students can maximize their potential.

Vouchers, Tax Credits Or Exemptions
Oppose any plan for vouchers, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements or any other program that diverts public funds to private entities for education with minimal state oversight.

High-Stakes Testing and A-F School Ratings
Advocate for an accountability system that eliminates the use of a once-a-year high-stakes test and refrains from labeling campuses and districts with an A-F grade.

Advocate for the continuation of the defined benefit pension program for TRS members. Advocate for increased state funding to assist with increased health care costs associated with TRS-ActiveCare and TRS-Care.

To learn how each of these priorities impact MISD and to read the Board’s resolution, click here.

What's Happening at Baxter?!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Monday, 03/05: Spirit Night at Beef O' Brady's from 6pm-9pm

Tuesday, 03/06: Math Pentathlon Game Night at Baxter from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Wednesday, 03/07: Baxter Belles until 4pm in the library

March 12th-16th: Spring Break: No School!!

Tuesday, 03/20: Math Pentathlon Game Night at Baxter from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Friday, 03/23: Family BINGO Night

Mark your calendars for Big upcoming campus events later this spring:

April 18th: 5th Grade Track Meet

May 25th: Field Day

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Need Canvas Help?!!

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