Life of a Perch

ocean to dissection

Perca flescens

Perch are freshwater gamefish, there are three species that live in different geological areas. They are vertebrates and resemble many other freshwater fish.

Perch belong to the kingdom Animalis under the phylum chordata. Their class is the actinopterygill, with the order perciformes. They belong to the Percidae family and have the perca genus.


The objective is to learn the internal and external anatomy of a perch. In dissecting the perch we are to identify the organs. It is important to locate the organs because it will give us a further understanding of how the perch lives.


Domain- Eukarya

The perch has membrane bound organelles and a nucleus

Kingdom- Animalia

The perch is multicellular and moves at some stage in its lifetime

Phylum- Chordata

The perch has a spine and an internal skeleton (endoskeleton)

Class- Osteichthyes -The perch is a bony fish that also breathes out of its gills

Order- Perciformes-Perciformes means "perch-like". The Yellow Perch fits right in

Genus- Perca

Perca literally means perch. Some other characteristics that fit into this genus are lidless eyes and a pair of nostrils

Species- Perca flavescens

Easily identified by the golden yellow coloration on their sides and six to eight dark bands running vertical on the sides. Perca flavescens means Yellow Perch in English.

Human Impact on Perch

Humans have had a large impact on the development and evolution of perch. The evolution of perch varies in different ecosystems. The Nile Perch has recently been transplanted into the Ugandan waters of lake Victoria. The fisheries built on those waters have had a large impact on the lives of those perch. Perch in ecosystems near pollution have evolved to survive in those polluted waters.

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