Digital Citizenship

Hour:4 Mr.Cunningham By: Phoenix Vetsch

Online Safty

There are 4 things you need to stay safe online and they are:

1: Do not go and meet people that you met online in person.

2: Pick safe usernames.

3: Say no to inappropriate requests.

4: Do not have any personal information open to the public.

Information Literacy and Scams

When trying to see if what your seeing is a scam, look for these following major giveaways:

1: Lots oF tYPe o'S!

2: Random url's. EX: www.pups/cats/basket/base /ball/ninjas/eating/germa/

3: When the title of the article has nothing to do with what it is talking about.

Responsible use

1: Don't copy other peoples work and take credit for it. You must use fair use.

2: When using others work you must give them credit.

3: Fair use is, using a small part of something, add new meaning to it, use it in a different way, you cannot get profit for it, and finally have a credit source.


Do not participate in cyber bullying.

First, do not comment on mean photos.

Second, tell an adult or report the bully.

Finally, do not spread fake rumors about people.