Life in Alcatraz

Natalie M Vazquez

Has anyone ever escaped from Alcatraz?

According to " Alcatraz History " no one has ever been able to escape however many attempts but all failed. In total 14 different attempts, 23 were caught, 6 were shot and killed during the escape and two were presumed drowned. The two men who were shot were later executed in the gas chamber. The fact that no one has ever been able to escape the rock as they used to call it, is so bizarre because at out of all 14 attempts nobody was successful.

What was the daily routine in Alcatraz?

According to " Alcatraz History " the prisoners day starts at 6:30 in the morning at that time they will do the chores that need to be done for their cell, for example they will have to make their bed and clean wash basin and the toilet bowl etc. After the chores they were allowed 20 minuets to eat. Around 9:30 they were to report back to work and at 11:30 they may stop working and then have lunch and so on . A prisoners day must be exhausting every second of the day it seems that they are always working they never can catch a break. The day for them starts so early and ends with working and then to be trapped for the rest of the night must be extremely boring .

What did people do in order to get into Alcatraz?

According to "Alcatraz History " most people would get sent to Alcatraz because some prisoners who were already in a different prison would escape so the result was them being sent to Alcatraz. Some because they were gangsters and murders . Robert Stroud for example was probably the most known inmate, he was known because he shot a bartender to death. People like Mickey Cohen were also famous inmates because they were known gangsters. It is crazy to think that this island held the most notorious gangsters, murders, and also armed robbers.


Alcatraz opened in 1934 and shut down in 1964 due to high expenses. Alcatraz was a maximum security prison , it held the most notorious gangsters, murders, and armed robbers. Alcatraz was isolated by from the mainland by the cold waters of San Francisco. It was assumed that nobody would ever be able to swim through those waters and survive.