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Brother of the Week

Congrats to Sara and Tamera for organizing an amazing trip! You guys are the best!

DC Trip!

Way to go, Sara & Tamera! Even though Tamera was sick, she walked the group to the train stop like a good mom. The trip was monumental. Shoutout to the two initiates who tagged along!


  • Finnian and Sara aren't married????
  • the battle over who can find the most incredibly...pubescent fb photos of Rob continues
  • assassin! the game is winding down- may the odds be ever in your favor
  • also Spencer is now famous & we're not sure if John or Abby is his biggest fan

Blaze Fundraiser

Sunday, March 20th, 12:30-4:30pm

1100 West Montgomery Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

Show your flyer to the cashier & we get 20% of the money back to PSP! Remember, you can't stand outside distributing flyers, so spread them around on social media as much as possible.
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Motion to Adjourn

Good job with midsemester voting, and thanks all for continuing to interview the initiates!

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