Week at a Glance

October 12 to October 16- "A" mid-day collaboration week

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Outdoor Ed.- Always an enriching experience for our students...

We could not have had two better days of weather for our 5th graders enjoyed time on the shores of Lake Geneva, at Covenant Harbor Camp. A huge "THANK YOU" to Lesley and Melody for their planning and preparation time, to make sure that all went well. Brian also helped to keep things run smoothly while our students took part in many "firsts," such as sleeping away from home and family, fishing, archery, S'mores bonfire, and climbing on the high ropes course. Our parent chaperones were also incredibly upbeat during the long days and night, and I think had as much fun as the kids. ;)

Remember- we are not following the regular PLC schedule this week.

Oct. 12 No School, Columbus Day

Oct. 13 Preschool Screening Day, at Edgewood- Classroom teachers, please use only the north stairwell when taking your students to Specials and lunch. More explanation is stated below about the use of the building during the screening process.

3:00 to 3:30 P.M. Greg will hold a Standards-based report card meeting for our staff, in Trina's room.

Oct. 13 and 14 Tanya and Dana out of the building for Visible Learning Conference

Oct. 15 Follow MONDAY Specials Schedule

All tenured teachers must have their self evaluation worksheet submitted on TalentEd

Oct. 16 9:00 A.M. Fire Drill with Lisle Woodridge Fire Department

3:00 to 9:00 P.M. Chuck E. Cheese "No Cook" PTO Event - Teachers get dinner for free!

Baby Madelyn was in the house!

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Preschool Screening at Edgewood on Tuesday, Oct. 13

On Tuesday, preschool screening will be taking place on the lower level, just outside Martha and Sonia's rooms. Room 17 will also be in use. The parents bringing in their little ones will enter the building through the courtyard doors.

It will help greatly if all student "traffic" moving from the upper level to the lower level occurred only on the north staircase. (Lori- you can still bring your students in through the courtyard doors.) Please avoid using the center stairwell. The only exception will be for small groups of students with adults going to Room 9, and staff going to the Lounge. I will post signs as a reminder. Thank you for your help!

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Upcoming dates and events to keep in mind...

Thursday, Oct. 22nd- 7:00 P.M. PTO Meeting- Don't have staff rep names handy, but will include them in the next Week at a Glance. Greg will be presenting standards-based reporting information for our families.

Friday, Oct. 23rd- Title I staff out of the building for training

Monday, October 26th- Next Monday Meeting, for Certified Staff

7:00 BOE meeting, at JJHS- Edgewood Students to lead the Pledge (Student Council Board)

Wednesday, October 28- 3rd and 4th grade Musical in the Gym, 1:45 P.M

Lunches will be in the classrooms

6:30 P.M. evening performance, at JJHS

Friday, Oct. 30th- End of 1st quarter

6:30 PTO Halloween Dance

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