Privacy and Security

By: Lorenzo Antonio Ramirez

Passwords and scams

Some people do realize how important to have a good password. You should be changing your password every six month and also have a good password. The reason we should all be doing this is to avoid scams. Scams will always be around us and by doing this we can avoid being scammed and keep our personal information to youself.

Privacy, images, and videos

Why should you keep your images and videos private?
  • Keeping information private can be used to avoid scams.
  • Keeping your images and videos private can be good because people won't know who you are and random people won't be able to find anything important about you.
  • Privacy can also save your reputation. Strangers will not be able to see what you do therefore you won't be judged harshly by them.
  • People can be harmed if personal information is easily accessible.