Black History Month 2021

History-Makers of Today

History is All Around Us

Students (and too) don't always understand that history is being made all around us, in all kinds of ways. History, to them, is relegated to the past. In contrast, this newsletter is chock-full of Black Americans who are making history now.

Each Wednesday students representing the Diversity Club & Broadcast Media will be sending out a newsletter to highlight areas in Black History. Today we are focusing on the change-makers out there making history!

Happy Black History Month!

Bringing About New Laws - Black Politicians

Discovering the World's Mysteries - Black Scientists

And then there's saving the planet!

This article profiles Black climate scientists active today, including Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine biologist and daughter of a farmer/teacher, whose work focuses on the ocean. Learn more about her at:

Caring for Others - Black Doctors, Chefs, & Public Health Experts

Creating Beauty - Black Artists & Fashion Designers

Building the Economy - Black Business Owners

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