Meal Plan

What are Vegetarian?

A vegetarian is some one who restrains from eating any meat such as beef poultry and fish and who's diet consists of many vegetables and fruits. Many vegitarians will eat things like tofu to keep their protein up and its also high filling.


  1. Breakfast: A typical vegetarian meal would be an egg any way and a fruit like an orange
  2. Lunch: A Veggie Wrap Would be a good example of a quick lunch
  3. Dinner: A bean burrito would be a good way to end the day for a vegitarian

What are some of the benefits of being a vegetarian?

When being a vegetarian you don't eat meat at all so it is hard to get the right amount of protein that you need. One of the perks is that you will have plenty of carbs and will gain lots of energy from that. science you don't have protein to sustain the energy, it will burn off very quickly. When being a vegetarian you will have to eat constantly to keep your energy

How will they get protein

Since it hard for vegetarians to get protein then they have come up with foods like tofu which contain beans to get the protein that they need for their body so that they can stay healthy while they are dieting.

Ben Suggs & Alex Keadle

Block 3A