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Week of April 16-20

A note from Mrs. Trujillo:

Thank you all for your continued support during these last two weeks. The last two weeks were some of the most tiring weeks ever, but having the support from our Monroe community made it that much easier for us. We were overwhelmed with so much love from our kids and parents, and that is what kept us fighting. I am so happy and excited to be back in the classroom with the kids. I have missed them all, and cannot wait to see them all. Due to the teacher walkout, there will be some changes in our school day schedule, and end of the year testing schedule. Please stay tuned for further information about all of this.

Monday evening PTA will be hosting popsicles in the park. This will take place from 6pm-7pm in the Monroe Park. If you can, please stop by!

Please look for permission forms to go home this week for our field trip NEXT Thursday, April 26. We will need these back ASAP, as well as $6 for your child to attend. If you cannot send in $6 for your child, please let me know so I can provide assistance for your child so they can attend. If you plan to chaperone the field trip, you will pay at Jasmin Moran, the morning of the field trip.

We will be doing two STEM activities this week, as we learn more about Earth Day. We are needing some items for one of our projects. We will be making our own compost. If you have any of the following items on Wednesday night, please send them in with your child on THURSDAY!

The items are:

*grass clippings


*bread crusts



*coffee grounds

*fruit and vegetable peels, cores, and rinds


*dead leaves and flowers

*laundry lint

Next Tuesday, April 24, is our Arts Festival. Our class will be finishing our class canvas of the South Oval at OU this week. We will also be finishing up our class project this week.

Jasmin Moran Field Trip

Thursday, April 26th, 9pm

1714 Oklahoma 9

Seminole, OK

This week in class...


We will finish working on Unit 7 in math this week. We will have our Unit 7 assessment this week. The concepts we will cover this week are:

  • Representing Data
  • Exploring Shape Attributes, Graphs, and Measurments
  • Attributes of 2-Dimensional Shapes

At home, please practice counting change, and getting change back with your child. This is an everyday skill that we are working on in class, and working on it at home, and in the "real world" could be very beneficial. Also, working on telling time with an analog clock, and asking questions like "What time will it be in two hours?" helps reinforce skills taught in class. As always, practice with addition and subtraction fact fluency. A good way to do this is through Xtra Math.


This weeks literacy concepts are:

  • Sound of the week: oo, u, u_e, ew, ue, ui, ou
  • Story Genre: Biographies
  • Comprehension Skill: connections within text-sequence
  • Comprehension Strategy: summarize
  • Grammar: possessive pronouns
  • Mechanics: contractions with not
  • Writing: opinion writing/poetry

Please continue to do Smarty Ants at home with your child. The skills your child learns in this program go right with what we learn in class. It really is a great tool, and on top of it, it is fun and engaging.


We will be doing two different STEM projects this week connected to Earth Day. The first one we do, we will be learning about how to conserve things. The second project we do, will be to make our own compost stew. We will learn about the importance of composting, how to make it, and what to never add to it. I will be needing certain items so our class can make their own compost stew. Please see above in "notes from Mrs. Trujillo" for what we need.

Spelling Words For The Week:

1. room

2. flu

3. June

4. new

5. glue

6. fruit

7. crook

8. could

9. full

10. push

11. point

12. coin

13. along

14. ever

15. strong

High Frequency Words For The Week:

1. air

2. along

3. always

4. draw

5. during

6. ever

7. meant

8. nothing

9. story

10. strong

Specials This Week:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Music

Dates to Remember:

April 24- Arts Festival

April 26- Field Trip to Jasmin Moran

April 27- School Wide Pajama Day

May 3- Author Visit, David Titus

May 4- Hat Day

May 4- Super Kids Day

Classroom Wish List

Thank you to everyone who donates to our classroom. We wouldn't be able to do the things we do without your help! You are SO appreciated.

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