Tiger Extinction

What is causing it?

The cause of the near extinction of tigers has been traced to the activity of tiger poaching. Tiger poaching is when tigers are killed for their parts, such as their teeth, claws, and fur. The country that leads in tiger poaching is India. People from around the world travel there, and strip the tigers of their parts. Following the collection of the tiger parts, the poachers sell them for high values in the black market. The laws in India have been altered to prevent poaching from taking place. Two laws have already slowed the rate of poaching in India. One law, being the threat to banish citizens from the area.The other law, being the threat to shoot tiger poachers on the spot. A majority of society sees this as saddening that a beutiful species has declined to near extinction. However, on the counter side, the buyers of these tiger parts want it to continue so they can stock up on the goods. I feel that tiger poachers should be shot on the spot, and tiger poaching put to an end. A successful plan to end this would be to deploy anti poaching squads that shoot the poachers on the spot.
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