TT #8 by Cheyenne Deyo

Spider web-like diagram connecting words, thoughts or phrases on paper

How to Use this Instructional Strategy

1. Select a topic

2. Design the cluster

3. Complete the cluster


"Unorganized clusters look like a child's drawing of the sun, with many rays drawn out from a center circle." (Tompkins, p. 21)

Brainstorming equivalent ideas

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"Several rays are drawn out from the center circle, with big ideas listed for each ray. Then more rays with details and examples are added to complete each big idea." (Tompkins, p. 21)

Hierarchical, show order

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Why Use Clusters

  • Provide visual representation of ideas
  • Brainstorm, organize ideas
  • More effective because they're fun to draw
  • ELL can use a combination of words and pictures
  • The visual helps them remember and organize ideas

How have you used clusters? How can we use clusters?

Kidspiration is the simpler version