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As a top London web design company, we are often asked what makes a web site stand out from the competition and succeed. There are numerous combining factors that will determine the success of your website, below we will outline one of the most important attributes, useability.

What is usability, in a nutshell it is making your web design as user friendly as possible. Everything must be geared towards the visitor, making their ‘stay’ on your website as enjoyable and as pleasant as possible.

One of the key elements that contribute to a successful web design is usability, this is paramount for any websites success and needs to be adhered to from the beginning. From the initial wireframing process, we need to put ourselves in the place of the user, information needs to be found fast and navigation needs to be intuitive and easy, following a set pattern. Any reputable Web Design company will work with you with regards to usability, making suggestions, providing advice and options for you to choose from. There are usually only a few reasons why someone visits your website, either to find out information or to purchase a service or product.

The web design must be built around your users, not only aesthetically but also with regards to functionality. A lot of people now use their smart phones or tablets to view the internet, any reputable web design company should be able build a responsive website, you can do a simple check on Google to check this.

Why is usability important, firstly, a well-designed website will encourage visitors to stay on your site. Basically, it will encourage visitors to interact with your business.

If you make it hard for people to find information, create too complex navigation with no familiarity and pattern then people will leave, plain and simple. A poor web design does not only lose you visitors and ultimately revenue, it also annoys people and reflects poorly on your business. One of the worse mistakes you can make it having error messages and broken links, there is also no excuse, as there is free software that can check your site for you.

Clear instructions and call to action need to be obvious, the checkout process needs to be seamless with as few clicks as possible, ‘get in contact’ needs to be immediate with all relevant information staring them in the face, signing up to a newsletter should be completed in seconds.

Creating a web design that is user friendly will create trust with the visitor, encouraging them to look around your site and to learn more about your business.

The key to ensuring a usable web design is planning and communication with the online agency, with a clear strategy and goal. Wireframing is an important process, a lot of issues only got noticed during this stage of development. The great thing about wireframing a web design is that changes are simple, and it saves time in the long run for the development process.

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