Save The Soldiers Buy Liberty Bonds

Help use in this support!

Come Help Buy Liberty Bonds!

The Liberty Bonds help the government to have food and support the war. After the war the government will pay you your money included interest.People used liberty bonds in more than Just war. Manny other country's used bonds. This would be a very smart way to help the war.You could help feed are solders win!There are also children liberty bonds to.
There are people that have already buying liberty bonds.If you don't us your bonds you can always cash them. The war thanks you.

Help The War And Buy Liberty Bonds

Saturday, Jan. 19th 1918 at 12:30-9:15pm

Geneseo, IL, United States

Geneseo, IL

We Will All Meet At The Fair Grounds! For info call 309-261-8001 or join me at the cook and eat any time on 4 street.

What are goal is to get this done so we can help the soldiers!

We will start at 1 tell we get 100 bonds sold.The Red Cross will also be there getting socks for the soldiers. Come help and do your part in the war.