OCTOBER news for Gr 2

ELA (Mr. Yearick) and MATH (Miss H) OCT 31, 2015

This week in Gr 2 ELA...

This week in Reading we used IXL on our iPads for the first time. We focused on identifying sentence types. We also did some small group work on phonics, partner reading, reviewed some strategies for tricky words in our texts, furthered our knowledge of details in text, and discussed the author's purpose in non-fiction texts. We wrote poems specific to a setting, and tried to make persuasive packaging for our own brand of dog treats.

Next week we'll wrap up The Witches which has been a fun read-aloud for Halloween time. We'll work more with small group grammar and phonics, and do some really fun reader's theater.

Math Game Day

Here were our 3 activities for GAME DAY on FRIDAY. We also took our Unit 2 QUIZ and worked diligently on our Math Box pages in our Journals to build up our Trudle points for Monday's Trudle Shopping!

Classroom Helpers Needed

It's that time of year when simple things are needed: classroom pencils need to be sharpened (we have an electric sharpener available); glue sticks need replenishing, papers need to be filed into mailboxes, and dishes need to be washed. Would you have 10 minutes at the BEGINNING or END of the day to spend doing these small tasks in our classroom? Please text Miss H if you can (773-259-9609)

Wednesday, Nov 4 is TEACHER INSERVICE

Dismissal will be at 11:45 AM. P.A.S. will be available.