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So are hybrid comes from a poodle and maltese. The mom is a poodle and the dad is a maltese. Poodle's originated in France and Germany. A good standard poodle is the most smartest and trainable dogs of all breeds. They learn quickly which means they can be a really good service dog. On the other hand a maltese were originated in Mediterranean Basin. A maltese can be gentle and fearless and there looks can be deceiving. There also good at being therapy dogs, but most of all they love to be with people! Now when these two great breeds come together, they make a maltipoo! The maltipoo is found in the United States. No one really knows when it was discovered or created, but it does have some special traits like hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and highly trainable. It's also helpful to mankind by being a great service dog.

Are hybrid's amazing poodle!

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Are hybrid's amazing maltese!

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We have a Dalmatian, The cutest puppy, and ARE NEW HYBRID!

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