Genius Project Proposal


my propasal

lighting is one of the most powerful forces. I will present my project as an experiment of how they are made and formed here is how they are made.

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how its made

its made with warm and cold air when they meet the warm air goes up and the cold air down. Then the warm air has its water droplets.and cold air has its ice crystals so during the storm, the droplets and crystals bump together and move apart in the air. This rubbing makes static electrical charges in the clouds. and then all of it meets together and then you have a lighting bolt.

how they are formed

A lot of lightnings formation is linked with cloud formation. Most lightning is formed as a part of thunderstorms. We know from observation of static electricity that static electrical discharges such as lightning are caused by separation of charges into positive and negative ions. Over time more than one charge builds up until its natural attraction to the opposite charge causes it to migrate in an electrical discharge.