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Role Of Vedic Astrology In Defining Marriage Compatibility

Vedic astrology still continues to fascinate not only Indians but people from all over the World. The debate on the accuracy of this science may appear never ending and there will always remain a set of believers, who would question the authenticity of it but there is no denial to the fact that this has truly brought relief to many people. One’s own belief about it also plays an important role in determining that how much benefit is derived by remedies suggested by it. In Hindu marriage specially, there is lot stress on this science and right from printing of Hindu Wedding Cards to all other ceremonies and occasions are decided on the basis of it.

We all know that India has been a country, which has been extremely loyal to its traditional customs and beliefs and Vedic astrology is very much a part of traditional Indian beliefs. Earlier, matching horoscopes for ensuring marriage compatibility was almost obligatory and surprisingly there were barely few cases of marriage failures. While on the other side, there is no tradition of matching horoscopes in western and other countries and earlier also there were lot of cases of marriage failures. Does it mean that matching horoscopes guarantee marriage compatibility? Well, there is no logic that proves that there is direct relation in between matching horoscopes and marriage compatibility, since in India, there has been a rise in the cases, where despite of ensuring marriage compatibility by matching horoscopes, marriages are falling apart. Besides that, since love marriages are on rise, people are giving damn to matching horoscopes tradition and without any hesitation taking a plunge with confidence.

A belief, that one should refer to it for ensuring marriage compatibility, is how true? Well, first of all, before finding an answer to this intriguing question, we should try to understand the real concept of this science. This astrology is based on logical facts. Whenever a person is born, his destiny can be predicted through the placement of various planets and position of planets determines the character, nature and future of a person. Generally, there exists two set of believers, one who completely discards the notion of astrology and another set, who go on to rely blindly on astrologers and instead of ensuring good karmas they try to opt for some kind of quick-fix. Ideally, a person should adopt a balanced attitude towards it.

There are some people in whose planetary chart, there are placed some malicious planets which may cause delays in important events of life like marriage, child birth, etc. If that is the case, it is recommended to try the suggested remedies for soothing the harmful effects of a planet. However, at the same time, it is not a prudent idea to spend lot of money for fixing some bad planets. There are few astrologers who simply try making fortunes by telling their clients to offer expensive pooja. There is a misconception that for soothing the malicious effects of bad planets, one needs to shell out lot of money. Especially for ensuring marriage compatibility, one can observe prescribed fast, can recite prescribed mantras, etc. Some also suggest to have special Hindu Wedding Cards printed for such marriage in which a remedy is needed.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it a sincere commitment towards a sacred bond of marriage since despite of good or bad planetary position, every marriage has to witness own set of ups and downs, so it is better to put efforts in ensuring a marriage compatibility besides referring to prescribed remedies.
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