Grapeland ISS

A Place to Reset and Start Over

In School Suspension

Sometime trouble comes your way and you need a place to calm down, refocus and sometimes, deal with the consequences of your actions.

In School Suspension

Our instructor has been trained by the principals of Grapeland who take ISS very seriously. Welcome to our ISS and may all your hopes be fulfilled.

Rebecca Bruner

Guaranteed to be quiet, work friendly, and disciplined.

1. Can I talk in ISS? Absolutely not.

2. Can I get out of my seat? Absolutely not.

3. Can I speak to another fellow student? Absolutely not.

4. Can I have free restroom breaks? Absolutely not.

5. Can I brush my hair? Absolutely not.

6. Can I order takeout? Absolutely not.

7. Can I do anything besides work? Absolutely not.

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